• What is a financial plan?

    A: An in-depth review of your financial situation, taking into account your goals and objectives and focusing on income tax and cash flow planning, asset management, estate planning, risk management, educational planning and retirement. The plan analyzes and recommends investments that can achieve your financial objective.

  • What are the benefits?

    A: It is our objective to provide comfort and peace of mind regarding your desire to be  on the "right track" both planning for and during retirement. Tangible benefits include investment diversification through a wide variety of stock and bond type investments watching return on investments which match your needs and risk tolerance. Other   benefits include potential savings of  income and estate taxes.

  • How is service provided?

    A: We have regular communications with clients and meet on an "as needed or requested" basis. A comprehensive review and update of all financial planning issues typically happens twice per year but no less often than once per year. Clients know that they can call at any time on any issue to get immediate attention to their request.

  • What type of securities do we provide advice for?

    A: Certificates of deposit, preferred stocks, convertible securities, municipal bonds, both open and closed-ended mutual funds, U.S. government securities, corporate bonds, stock options, variable annuities and their sub-accounts, and retirement account options. We provide review on selective individual stock holdings.

  • How do you get started?

    A: Call us to set up a free, one-hour consultation and we’ll show you a sample comprehensive plan and answer all your questions.